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Behringer HA400

Headphone Amplifier I periodically struggle with the inconsistent output when I use different headphones on my PC.  Variations in impedance and design make it a pain to switch headphones when I am working on my computer.  Recently I ran across some YouTube videos where people were using headphone amplifiers or mixers to get better output […]

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The Elgato Stream Deck

Every once in while you run into a product that solves a problem you did not know you had.  For me, the Elgato Stream Deck is one of these products.  This item is different, useful, and increases your productivity depending on your individual workflow.  The Stream Deck is in a category all by itself and […]

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Oyen Digital USB Enclosure for USB 3.1 Gen 2

After my first experience testing the Silverstone TS231U-C, I still wanted an external device that would help me exploit the USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface, and provide me with fast external storage.  I searched around and ran across the the Oyen Digital 2.5 inch external enclosure that also claimed to support gen 2 for the […]

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Acoustic Panel Build

This is a far departure from what I usually do or write about, but since the outcome was so good I wanted to share it.  Acoustic panels are certainly taking me into new territory and it has been a learning experience in sound, acoustics, and construction. My original motivation was to improve the sound quality […]

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Network Make Over

I know doing a network make over is not a very interesting topic but it can be an important one.  At some point, keeping our network organized becomes a necessity.  Either because of troubleshooting, esthetics, or because we need to expand.  In almost every case, it sounds easy but when you get started you find […]

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I7-7700K–Eye Candy and Performance

For various reasons, it has been awhile since I have built a high end gaming system.  My last build was Core I7-4770 which is no slouch, but by today’s standards lagged a bit behind in key areas, most notably support for NVMe and higher speed storage.  I set out to buy the best hardware I […]

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Sophos XG V16-Creating Rules

After reviewing the navigation and finding my way around the new interface, I was ready to explore some of the new features. It makes sense to start with firewall rules as that is one of main reasons for using something like Sophos in the first place. There have been tons of changes in Sophos XG […]

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Sophos XG V16-Navigation

I have been a fan of Sophos XG since its release. I have written several posts on my blog that covers setup and configuration of the original version (V15). Though there was a learning curve with using the software, it was a powerful and feature rich solution that made a great foundation for securing my […]

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