There is always much discussion when it comes to backup. Here is a quick summary of what I am doing to insure the security of my data. This may not work for everyone and may seem extreme to some, but this is what works for me. Having lost data before, I tend to now over do it a bit when it comes to backup.  I am using the QNAP TS-451 as the primary storage which is configured as a RAID 5 device.  I use AllwasySync to create an automatic copy of all my data to Windows Storage Server 2012R2 which is also a RAID 5 device.  To complete the process, I use two cloud backups Amazon S3 (using the QNAP App), and Amazon Glacier (using the QNAP Glacier App).  Here is a quick chart of my strategy.

Software in my strategy:

  • Windows Storage Server 2012 R2
  • AllwaySync
  • QNAP/Amazon S3
  • QNAP/Amazon Glacier









Updated 2/21/2016