If you are not using a VPN by now, you should really consider using one.  There are many different types of VPN’s and many different ways of using them but the way that works best for me, and in my opinion, provides the best security/flexibility is to use something like OpenVPN.  Many of the routers today, as well as most of the NAS units, already have OpenVPN or an offshoot of it installed already.  Typically these are free to use and provide you with great flexibility, privacy, and security at no cost to you.  I would highly recommend looking into what you already have to see if you can set up your own VPN.

I did a short video on using the OpenVPN server that is built into most of the QNAP units to help you get started and get a better overview of how the process is setup.  Even if you do not have a QNAP NAS, the process is very similar on other devices.  If you are not sure why you need to use on or what you would use it for, here is a shortlist of what I use mine for to give you a better idea.

  • Secure access to your home network such as security cameras or storage.
  • Tunneling (routing all traffic) of all offsite traffic through your home connection to provide much better security to you and your family when you are using public WiFi or when you do not want your cell carrier to track what you are doing.
  • Better overall security and privacy by using your home firewall.

I am sure if you give it some thought you can up with many more reasons why this might make sense.