If you are like me you are always looking for ways to either expand your system or more importantly, to speed up your system.  One of the best ways to add fast storage to speed up your system is to add an nVME drive which typically are 5-6 times faster than the average SSD.  Unfortunately, not all systems support nVME natively on the motherboard.  Enter PCI Express add in cards.  As you can see from the benchmarks below as well as the video, these cards are simple to install, very low cost, and have the same performance as an nVME drive plugged directly into the motherboard.

Watch the video to see how easy you can a card like this.  One important note, not all systems can boot from these cards so make sure you do some research on your particular motherboard to see if it can be used to boot the system.  Just keep in mind that even if you cant use it for a boot drive, it will work fine as a second drive for data, games, or a working drive.



As you can see from the benchmark, the performance is nearly identical.  There is a slight difference between these results but it is mainly difference between the 970 and 960.