Back in March of the this year I spent some time testing Storage Spaces on the Server 8 Beta, along with the Storage Spaces in Windows 8.  As you can see from my prior articles, I was not too impressed with the performance in the earlier versions.  Now that they have released new versions, I was excited to see if they had improved the performance.

Prior Articles for comparison


Basic walk through for setting up a parity volume

They have made several changes in the interface for this version.  Below is pictorial walkthrough the entire process in case you have not seen this before.  The process for Server 2012 is different than Windows 8 as the technology is a litlle different.  That said, once a volume is created, it is readable by either Server 2012 or Windows 8.

SNAG-0093  SNAG-0094SNAG-0095  SNAG-0096SNAG-0097  SNAG-0098SNAG-0099  SNAG-0100SNAG-0101  SNAG-0102SNAG-0103  SNAG-0104SNAG-0105  SNAG-0106SNAG-0107  SNAG-0108SNAG-0109  SNAG-0110SNAG-0111  SNAG-0112SNAG-0113  SNAG-0114SNAG-0115  SNAG-0116



Below are the results I got using the most current version.  As you can see from the benchmarks most of the results went up, and overall it felt fast and responsive when copying files to it.  The large file copy was sort of a compromise.  Prior results started faster but tanked 3/4 of the way through.  This time the spike was much shorter but the overall was higher and more consistent than the beta version.  CrystalDiskMark had a lower peak read performance but overall writes was faster.  In short I think they have improved the performance over the beta version for the typical use case. Honestly although I find it very flexible, and the improvements in the interface are nice, I still do not see this replacing hardware RAID solutions for heavy use.  If they port this over to SBS or WHS, it would provide a great solution for an easy expandable storage solution with decent performance.

SNAG-0117  SNAG-0118SNAG-0120  SNAG-0123