Recently I did some testing and a short video on Storage Spaces in Windows 8.  Although very easy to use, the performance was not very impressive.  I wanted to see if both the process, as well as the results would be the same under the new Server 8.

Link to Windows 8 article:  Storage Spaces in Windows 8

Video on creating a parity volume in Server 8

Creating a Parity Volume in Server 8


Benchmark results

As you review the results below, the one that stands out to me is the file copy.  The results I got on Windows 8 were pretty bad.  The result here is still bad but in a different way.  The one strange thing was that file copy on smaller files was very fast, however the larger files was not sustainable and performance decreased.  That said, it is still a whole bunch faster than Windows 8 in file copy and real life use even though the bulk of the benchmarks are the same.


SNAG-0000 (2)  SNAG-0002SNAG-0001 (2)

SNAG-0000  SNAG-0001


I am still not convinced that Storage Spaces is the way to go, but I am convinced that it is better in Server 8 than Windows 8.  It will be very interesting when this is released as a final product.  When it does, I will there to test it and compare it again to these results.  Hopefully Microsoft can take this great idea and turn it into a killer product.