AllwaySync is a great tool and you can customize it every which way you want.  The downside to that is that after you spend allot of time with your custom configuration, you do not want to start over again if there is a crash or if you want to set it up on a new computer.  To protect yourself against that there is an easy way to backup your settings.

As you can see from the picture below, I have 19 tabs for backing up 19 different folders.  Each tab can be customized with special settings and requirements such scheduled sync, change sync, etc.  I certainly would not want to recreate all that if a crash if something happens.  Since recently my backup server crashed which is where I am running AllwaySync from, this really saved my bacon.


Once you get everything the way you want, click on “File” and select “Export”, and select “Export profile (all jobs) settings”.


When you are prompted, give it a file “name” and a “location” for somewhere safe.  This should be on a different computer or hard drive that would not be affected if something happens to the PC you are using for controlling the sync.


In the future if you do a fresh install, replace the computer, or just upgrade the drive, you will be able to import all those custom settings in just a few seconds.  Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.