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Upgrading My CPU and Dealing with Heat

One thing you can count on in the tech world is the need for constant change. Just when you think everything is running great, something changes that causes an avalanche. I have been running my VM server for a few years and it has been at the core of many things I do. When I […]

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Insteon Smoke Hub and Leak Detector

Taking the lead from Paul Braren during the BYOB show 125, I decided to pursue installing some additions to my home automation system.  My house has smoke detectors that are hardwired and as it turns out no longer work.  Armed with the knowledge that I need to replace these smoke detectors, I took Paul’s recommendation […]

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World IPV6 Launch

It appears that we are getting closer and closer to global adoption of IPv6.  The target date is set to be June 6th 2012.  Many major players have already shown their support.  As the standard is now established, you should review your readiness and keep compatibility in mind when buying any type of networking hardware […]

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