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SlingBox 500

Introduction I have been an original SlingBox user for a number of years and overall have been happy with it. Though the interface was very laggy, it served a purpose of watching live or recorded TV to a mobile device. Recently I redid my entertainment setup and switched everything to HDMI connections. Since the version […]

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Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard on the Surface

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Microsoft store in San Diego California. I was wondering around looking at the different laptops and testing out the type cover for the Surface. In the process I ran across the new Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard. I had seen pictures of this before however this was the […]

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Going From Physical to Virtual Machines at Home

A topic I have struggled with for a long, long time has been the use of virtual machines in an actual home environment.  In the past VM’s where limited to enthusiast but now that Hyper-V is bundled with Windows 8, I wanted to revisit the practicality of using a VM in a home environment to […]

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ISY-994i-Home Automation at its Best

One of the biggest inhibitors to going to a VM environment (more in a later post) are USB devices.  The worst of these devices are the Insteon Controllers.  Whether using Hyper-V  with a USB to IP adapter, or ESXi, I was unable to “reliably” get the these USB devices to work correctly or consistently.  Add […]

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Painless Drive Failure Recovery-The Way It Should Be

It is inevitable that at some point you will loose a hard drive.  Recently I upgraded my servers to 3T Seagate drives so that I could get the same storage with less drives, faster performance, and more room for expansion.  As luck would have it, one of the new drives died after only a couple […]

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Miccus Mini-jack RX Bluetooth Receiver

Being a avid podcast and music listener, playing content in my car is extremely important to me.  Since I spend close to 2-2.5 hours a day commuting on the Southern California freeways,  listening to the content I want is a priority.  Considering I cannot stomach mainstream radio, I rely totally on my phone for podcasts, […]

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Creating a RAID 5 Array using HighPoint Version 2

Here is a short video on using the Version 2 Highpoint Web based software.  This version is much simpler and more streamline for both creating and expansion of your Volume.  Included are the instructions for initializing and formatting your array   Creatubg a RAID 5 Volume   Initializing and Formatting Your Volume

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Server 2012 Storage Spaces-Testing the RTM Version

Intro and Test Setup Following in the tradition of testing each release, here is a summary of the testing I did on the RTM version of Server 2012 Storage Spaces.  Since this has the final code, the hope was that it was tuned and tweaked to provide the maximum performance and stability.   Issues Right […]

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Storage Spaces-Server Essentials RC

In following tradition, below are the updated benchmarks of the Release Candidate of Server Essentials.  As you can see from the benchmarks below, things have not improved in terms of performance.  In fact, some tests were a bit slower.  I am using the same hardware in the same configuration as before for the testing.   I […]

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