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Insteon LED Lights

Having been a fan of Insteon products for a numbers of years, I was extremely intrigued by the press release of the new Insteon LED lights.  Why you ask?  The main reason is that this device not only is a 60 watt power saving LED light, but it has an integrated Insteon controller built in all for about $30.  If you think about the price of the LED lights on Amazon running around $10-$20, and then add an Insteon controller for $35-$50, you can quickly see why it caught my attention.  At $30, it s a great deal if you are into home automation or plan to be.

Insteon LED bulb at Smarthome


P1020555  P1020558






The punch line is does it work as advertised.  In my two weeks of testing the LED light it has worked perfectly.  The light paired with my ISY-994i controller instantly and has worked without fail.  The light color is a bit strange if you like very white light which I do.  The light is more of a natural outdoor light which ultimately depends on personal preference.  I will say that despite my preference of very white light, I got used to the color very quickly and it became a non issue after about an hour.  As is the case for most of these type of lights, they get a bit hot in the heat sink area so you may have to make certain it is not an issue with your lamp or fixture.  I have two of these now but after I move, I plan to purchase many more.  If your are a home automation fan, check these out as they may save you some money in the long run.

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