If you read my post on the StarTech USB4000IP USB IP Server, you know that I was not impressed with the device.  I am happy to report that with the recent software updates that things have changed.  The device is now very stable and has been working wonderfully in both Windows 8 and Windows 7.  All the hanging issues have been addressed and all the features such as auto connect now work great.  The problems I had with formatting have also been corrected and I can now manipulate the drives the way I want.  The performance is a bit better than it was but will not win any awards for speed.  It does however do a great job at filling the need for hooking up USB devices up to a VM.  All in all the issues have been addressed and therefore I can now say that I would now recommend this product.  If you are interested in how I used it see my article on VM’s.


IMG_0021  IMG_0016


The original review can be found here:  https://thedocsworld.net/startech-usb-ip-device-server/

VM article can be found here:  https://thedocsworld.net/going-from-physical-to-virtual-machines-at-home/