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ATTO-240G on WHS 2011

Running an SSD in WHS

OK, I take back all the grief I told everyone on the forums about using an SSD in a Windows Home Server. That being said, this is probably not for everyone but if you have a spare SSD it is worth considering. Okay let me set up the background of the experiment for you. Since […]

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Logitech Link

Every once in a while you run into a product that you just blows you away.  Not so much that it is technologically superior in every way, but rather because it builds on a great idea and makes it easier, better, and cheaper.  The new Logitech Link is just one of those products. Most HTPC/HT […]

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Lian-Li PC-A04B

When the developers preview of Windows 8 came out, I download and installed it in a couple of different VM systems.  Because I was running it not only in a VM, but I had to operate through remote desktop, the navigation experience turned out to be a bit less than desirable.  I had some extra […]

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Rocket Raid

RocketHybrid 1220

When I found out about this concept initially through an add, and more recently reminded by a post in the forums, I decided I would give this a try.  On paper it seemed like a technology that blends the benefits of the Z68 chipset without the need for re-installing the OS and without being forced […]

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One for The Closet

Often we come up with unusual needs for a computer.  In my case, since I could not accomplish what I needed to with the use of VM’s, I decided that I needed to build a small PC to use for a single purpose, recording.  I will spare you the details as to what forced the […]

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MyMovies for iPad Meets WHS-2011

First off in case it has crossed your mind, I have not moved over to the dark side.  I am still a loyal WMC and WHS fanboy, but I wanted to discuss an example where two completely different technologies can reside in the same household with peaceful coexistence.  Not only peaceful, but rather complementary to […]

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Lian-Li EX-503B

One of hot topics of recent was the release of the new Lian-Li EX-503B which in essence, is a multi-drive external storage box.  Realizing that many people including me are looking for different solutions to back up their servers, I was very intrigued by this particular device.  Why you ask, well, several reasons.  For starters […]

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Perfect Disk

PerfectDisk 12 with RAID–First Impressions

Not having such great luck with defrag programs in the past, I have stayed away from this type of software.  When I had tried them before, they tended to be more problematic than they where worth.  For starters, they hogged CPU, thrashed your hard drives constantly, and in some cases even caused corruption.  Taking the […]

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System Build

Step by Step System Build

Below are a series of videos that will hopefully help you build your own systems.  They will walk you through every step of the build and hopefully help you understand the importance of some of the parts selections as well as some tips and tricks.  

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Creating Raid

Building your RAID 5 Array

Below are some videos that created that will hopefully walk you through building your first RAID 5 array using a highpoint controller.  Please post your comments and let me know what you think.   HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL 8-Port PCI-Express 2.0 x8 SAS/SATA RAID Controller

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Raid Expansion

RAID 5 Expansion

As we migrated from V1 to WHS 2011, many of us have turned to RAID in one form or another to handle our storage needs.  Specifically we have implemented various forms of RAID 0, 1, and 5 in our systems.  Depending on the controller you are using, many of these RAID configurations can be expanded […]

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MaxIOPs V3

The Vertex 3 Saga Completed

As most of you who listen to the podcast know, I have been having some some issues with the new Vertex 3 MAX IOPS.  After my initial impressions, I started getting some periodic system pauses and lockups which I wrongfully assumed was the motherboard.  As it turns out, all the BSOD and lock up issues […]

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