//AVG Antivirus File Server Edition

AVG Antivirus File Server Edition

Antivirus software for servers such as Server 2008R2 and WHS 2011 have always been a debate in the HomeServerShow forums mostly to whether or not antivirus on a server is necessary.  I have always been in the “Yes” camp as I would prefer that extra layer of protection especially as files are copied and accessed via remote outside of my internal network.  Granted, most clients should be protected but I have seen it twice now where a legacy file on my server was infected and without AV on the server I might not have caught it until it was actually transferred.  Also, since no single AV program catches everything, having a different type on my server than I use on my PC gives me an extra bit of safety.  As I stated, this is my own opinion and it may not be something you want to do, however if you do, here is one program that has worked for me for the past couple of years, that is not a resource hog, installs easily, and does not cost a fortune to purchase.  Specifically I am talking about the AVG File Server Edition.  For a $39.99, you get 2 full licenses (allows me to install it on both my servers) which makes it very cost effective especially if you have 2 servers.  Even if you have only one, the pricing is still very competitive when you consider that they server versions usually cost more.  They offer a 30 day free trial so you can test if for yourself and decide if this is something you may want to pursue.


Configuration Options

The install was very simple and straight forward.  I did have to choose the custom install and “deselected” the remote admin option as I access the server directly via RDP and do not use any AVG versions on my client PC’s.  Not deselecting this option installed the admin control panel which cannot find any clients and I dislike error messages of any kind.  Other than that one change, it was a very simple and straightforward install that was over in less than a minute.  Once it was installed, I ran the updates which took only a minute or so, then ran the full scan to bring things current.  There is a bunch of configuration options however the defaults worked best for me.

SNAG-0112  SNAG-0115

Basic Screens

The console screens are very basic (other than the “options” screen from above) that show you the status of your antivirus.

SNAG-0114  SNAG-0113


You ultimately have to decide for yourself as to whether you want server level protection, but if you do, the AVG File Server Edition is worth looking at.  They offer a free trial and the overall program is lightweight and designed to work on server products.  For the price, I think it is a great value and is very efficient in not choking up your system resources.

Pricing is $39.99 and is available at:  http://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-file-server-edition

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