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QNAP QSync 2—A DropBox Alternative

I have owned a QNAP for a number of years and have always been impressed with the hardware, performance, and customer support. When I got my first device I used only parts of the software features as some of the items did not work as I expected. One of these such features that had attracted […]

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SimpliSafe Home Security System

Introduction As the next logical step in setting up my home tech now that I had installed the basics for my home automation, was to add a home security system to protect the property as well as the contents. Though I live in one of the safer neighborhoods in Southern California, no one is excluded […]

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Sonos-Whole Home Streaming

I have always been intrigued by Sonos for a couple of reasons.  One was the claims of perfectly synced audio in every room, and the other was the prospect of good sound quality from a wireless device.  Being a bit picky with audio quality I was certainly skeptical, especially with the new small stand alone […]

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Google Wallet Card-Off Topic but Cool Technology

Normally I write about different types of technology such as hardware or software, however after trying this I wanted to share my experiences as I thought this might benefit others who may not know about it.  It’s still tech, but in a different way. Like many people I do not carry allot of cash with […]

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SlingBox 500

Introduction I have been an original SlingBox user for a number of years and overall have been happy with it. Though the interface was very laggy, it served a purpose of watching live or recorded TV to a mobile device. Recently I redid my entertainment setup and switched everything to HDMI connections. Since the version […]

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Plex Media-A New Way to Stream

If you are like me you love to stream your content to other devices both inside and outside your network.  The issue is the typically convoluted and unstable packages such as Twonky, tVersity, or PlayOn.  There are obviously solutions like Windows Media Center or XBMC but they do not stream or transcode to mobile devices.  […]

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ISY-994i-Home Automation at its Best

One of the biggest inhibitors to going to a VM environment (more in a later post) are USB devices.  The worst of these devices are the Insteon Controllers.  Whether using Hyper-V  with a USB to IP adapter, or ESXi, I was unable to “reliably” get the these USB devices to work correctly or consistently.  Add […]

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Onkyo TX-NR616

For the past 20 years, I have been impressed with Onkyo products.  Not only from a feature perspective but value as well.  It is difficult to find receivers that offer more features and better performance for the cost.  I am happy to report that something’s never change.  Recently my 10 year old Onkyo started giving […]

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IOS Podcast APP

Apple Released a Podcast app today.  Rumored to be available only when IOS 6 was released, I was surprised to see it this early.  Here is short run through of the application and how it looks on the iPad.  Features on the iPhone are the same but screen layouts are obviously a bit different. The […]

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