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Ultra Mini Keyboard

I am always looking at different keyboards and recently I found this Ultra Mini Keyboard.  I know you are thinking, is this a Logitech?  It certainly looks like a Logitech.  From the box down to the fonts it looks like a Logitech, but actually it isn’t.  This is actually a knock off that has been […]

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Windows Tech Support Scam

Tech Support Scams do not appear to be new, but I wanted to share this with everyone as a reminder that there are unscrupulous people out there.  Here is the sequence of events that happen to me this week. On Friday (4/26/13) I received a call from someone that that claimed to be from the Windows Resource […]

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SlingBox 500

Introduction I have been an original SlingBox user for a number of years and overall have been happy with it. Though the interface was very laggy, it served a purpose of watching live or recorded TV to a mobile device. Recently I redid my entertainment setup and switched everything to HDMI connections. Since the version […]

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