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Ultra Mini Keyboard

I am always looking at different keyboards and recently I found this Ultra Mini Keyboard.  I know you are thinking, is this a Logitech?  It certainly looks like a Logitech.  From the box down to the fonts it looks like a Logitech, but actually it isn’t.  This is actually a knock off that has been packaged to look exactly like the Logitech packaging.  That said, it is actually a pretty cool device for $16.  It is about the size of a phone, includes a touch pad, and a USB receiver for your computer.  You are not going to want to type a novel on it but for basic navigation and searching it will do a decent job on your HTPC.

Favi Mini Keyboard






Not much that I can say about a $16 dollar keyboard except that for your basic navigation needs it works pretty well.  It has the advantage of being very small so can leave hanging around on the couch or a coffee table.  It even has an on/off power switch so you can conserve battery power when you are not using it.  Keeping the use case into perspective, this fills a void at an extremely low cost, and so far I am happy with it for the occasional use.  For me, I mainly use it for periodic updates, configuration changes, and some light search once in awhile.  I think if I had to use it daily I might feel differently, but for occasional use it does the job.


Favi Mini Keyboard

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