In this post, I will cover everything I did in building a router and installing Sophos XG Firewall v17.  This contains multiple parts as I wanted to capture the entire experience from beginning to end.  The first two sections cover the hardware itself, Motherboard, CPU, RAM and the overall system.  The second covers a fresh installation from an ISO as well as the initial configuration.

In future upcoming posts, I will cover more of the basic configuration settings, principles, as well as creating some basic rules.




Motherboard and CPU


Overall Hardware Overview




Installing Sophos XG v17 – Part 1


Installing Sophos XG v17 – Part 2



The next sections will get more under the hood and we will explore rules, filters, network configurations, and security.  I truly believe this is one of the best solutions out there that is provided at no-cost to home users.  If you are concerned about security, consider giving this a try.  The learning is a bit higher than off the shelf routers but the end result is definitely worth it.  Check back for the next videos.