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Creating a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V in Windows 8

Ever wish you had a dedicated machine you could use for testing software or had the ability to run dedicated tasks such as maybe a backup server or media server?  Then creating a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V might be worth a look.  There are many reasons you may want to run VM’s but one of the most […]

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Storage Spaces–2012 Essentials R2

Well, here we go again with another round with Storage Spaces. If you have read my other reviews on Storage Spaces, you know that I have not been a fan of past versions, especially in the parity configuration. With promise of new functionality, speed, and security, I was naturally attracted to testing it again. After […]

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Plex Media-A New Way to Stream

If you are like me you love to stream your content to other devices both inside and outside your network.  The issue is the typically convoluted and unstable packages such as Twonky, tVersity, or PlayOn.  There are obviously solutions like Windows Media Center or XBMC but they do not stream or transcode to mobile devices.  […]

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rtRemote-iTunes Remote for the Surface RT

As many of you have seen by now, the app selection for Windows 8/RT is growing in availability, but not necessarily in quality yet.  There are still tons of third party developers that are releasing garbage apps which is making it hard to sort through and get something worthwhile.  In my recent search, I came […]

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ISY-994i-Home Automation at its Best

One of the biggest inhibitors to going to a VM environment (more in a later post) are USB devices.  The worst of these devices are the Insteon Controllers.  Whether using Hyper-V  with a USB to IP adapter, or ESXi, I was unable to “reliably” get the these USB devices to work correctly or consistently.  Add […]

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