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Anytime Access Problems on Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 Preview

Besides the Hyper-V, UEFI support, and the removal of the 2T limits, one feature I was interested in testing with Essentials was the Anytime Access.  The promise of VPN and Web access was intriguing to me as I routinely need files from my system.  I know the web access was in 2011  and the VPN […]

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Storage Spaces Performance-Server 2012 Essentials

Near and dear to my heart has been all the discussion on Storage Spaces.  I have tested the Server 2012 and the Window 8 versions for performance as compared to a hardware solution, and have consistently seen lower performance, especially from Windows 8.  Now that they have released the beta version of Server 2012 Essentials, […]

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Storage Spaces-Mirroring and Stripe-JBOD

In the first part, I performance tested the parity volume to see how it stacked up against a hardware RAID.   Now that we have seen the huge performance impact of parity volumes, it was now time to see how the Mirroring as well as the stripe-JBOD (drives are striped with no resiliency) performed. Original article […]

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