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Home Automation-Planning to Move

Planning Your Home Automation and Home Control Earlier this year I set out to purchase a home and move from my existing townhouse, to a larger home to make room for my new family. As part of the process of moving, I wanted to plan my home automation in advance in efforts to simplify the […]

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Sonos-Whole Home Streaming

I have always been intrigued by Sonos for a couple of reasons.  One was the claims of perfectly synced audio in every room, and the other was the prospect of good sound quality from a wireless device.  Being a bit picky with audio quality I was certainly skeptical, especially with the new small stand alone […]

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Plex Media-A New Way to Stream

If you are like me you love to stream your content to other devices both inside and outside your network.  The issue is the typically convoluted and unstable packages such as Twonky, tVersity, or PlayOn.  There are obviously solutions like Windows Media Center or XBMC but they do not stream or transcode to mobile devices.  […]

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rtRemote-iTunes Remote for the Surface RT

As many of you have seen by now, the app selection for Windows 8/RT is growing in availability, but not necessarily in quality yet.  There are still tons of third party developers that are releasing garbage apps which is making it hard to sort through and get something worthwhile.  In my recent search, I came […]

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Going From Physical to Virtual Machines at Home

A topic I have struggled with for a long, long time has been the use of virtual machines in an actual home environment.  In the past VM’s where limited to enthusiast but now that Hyper-V is bundled with Windows 8, I wanted to revisit the practicality of using a VM in a home environment to […]

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New iHomeServer Beta

If you recall my last write up, I was overall impressed with iHomeserver.  The program however had some stated weaknesses.  Since that write up he has released a Beta version which addresses many of the concerns I raised.  In addition, it adds a few enhancements. Original post:  http://thedocsworld.net/whs-meets-itunes/ Changes since my review include: Significantly improved […]

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