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Upgrading My CPU and Dealing with Heat

One thing you can count on in the tech world is the need for constant change. Just when you think everything is running great, something changes that causes an avalanche. I have been running my VM server for a few years and it has been at the core of many things I do. When I […]

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WD Red Drives – Replacing My Server Storage

Though I have been switching to primarily NAS units for my everyday central storage needs and have used WD Red Drives in those units, I still have one non-VM server left that I use for local backup and movie archiving. The server has been running great for many years but recently I had yet another drive […]

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Creating a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V in Windows 8

Ever wish you had a dedicated machine you could use for testing software or had the ability to run dedicated tasks such as maybe a backup server or media server?  Then creating a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V might be worth a look.  There are many reasons you may want to run VM’s but one of the most […]

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Going From Physical to Virtual Machines at Home

A topic I have struggled with for a long, long time has been the use of virtual machines in an actual home environment.  In the past VM’s where limited to enthusiast but now that Hyper-V is bundled with Windows 8, I wanted to revisit the practicality of using a VM in a home environment to […]

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