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Upgrading My CPU and Dealing with Heat

One thing you can count on in the tech world is the need for constant change. Just when you think everything is running great, something changes that causes an avalanche. I have been running my VM server for a few years and it has been at the core of many things I do. When I […]

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Customer Service Lives Part One – QNAP

Typically, when it comes to consumer level items, very few companies stand firmly behind their products. Sure you can buy something and return to Amazon or Newegg but how about some real support when something goes wrong or when you experience some anomalies that you need help with. You have companies like Apple who go […]

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WD Red Drives – Replacing My Server Storage

Though I have been switching to primarily NAS units for my everyday central storage needs and have used WD Red Drives in those units, I still have one non-VM server left that I use for local backup and movie archiving. The server has been running great for many years but recently I had yet another drive […]

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QNAP TS-451–The Alternative Server

Being a devout Windows Home Server fan for many years, it has always been tough for me to find a substitute for it. I have tried numerous NAS units and have always been left extremely disappointed. Since my recent move, I have found myself reviewing my storage needs as well as my overall strategy for […]

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Storage Spaces–2012 Essentials R2

Well, here we go again with another round with Storage Spaces. If you have read my other reviews on Storage Spaces, you know that I have not been a fan of past versions, especially in the parity configuration. With promise of new functionality, speed, and security, I was naturally attracted to testing it again. After […]

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Painless Drive Failure Recovery-The Way It Should Be

It is inevitable that at some point you will loose a hard drive.  Recently I upgraded my servers to 3T Seagate drives so that I could get the same storage with less drives, faster performance, and more room for expansion.  As luck would have it, one of the new drives died after only a couple […]

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Creating a RAID 5 Array using HighPoint Version 2

Here is a short video on using the Version 2 Highpoint Web based software.  This version is much simpler and more streamline for both creating and expansion of your Volume.  Included are the instructions for initializing and formatting your array   Creatubg a RAID 5 Volume   Initializing and Formatting Your Volume

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Server 2012 Storage Spaces-Testing the RTM Version

Intro and Test Setup Following in the tradition of testing each release, here is a summary of the testing I did on the RTM version of Server 2012 Storage Spaces.  Since this has the final code, the hope was that it was tuned and tweaked to provide the maximum performance and stability.   Issues Right […]

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Storage Spaces-Server Essentials RC

In following tradition, below are the updated benchmarks of the Release Candidate of Server Essentials.  As you can see from the benchmarks below, things have not improved in terms of performance.  In fact, some tests were a bit slower.  I am using the same hardware in the same configuration as before for the testing.   I […]

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