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JamBox SM

Jawbone JamBox

I have never considered myself an audiophile, but I have always been very picky when it comes to audio and video equipment.  For the most part, I have never been a fan of small personal type speakers as I have never been satisfied with the sound quality that typically comes from smaller speakers.  When Jawbone […]

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Logitech Link

Every once in a while you run into a product that you just blows you away.  Not so much that it is technologically superior in every way, but rather because it builds on a great idea and makes it easier, better, and cheaper.  The new Logitech Link is just one of those products. Most HTPC/HT […]

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Lian-Li EX-503B

One of hot topics of recent was the release of the new Lian-Li EX-503B which in essence, is a multi-drive external storage box.  Realizing that many people including me are looking for different solutions to back up their servers, I was very intrigued by this particular device.  Why you ask, well, several reasons.  For starters […]

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