In following tradition, below are the updated benchmarks of the Release Candidate of Server Essentials.  As you can see from the benchmarks below, things have not improved in terms of performance.  In fact, some tests were a bit slower.  I am using the same hardware in the same configuration as before for the testing.   I will continue to test all releases including the soon to be RTM Server 2012.  If you are going to spend for Server Essentials when it is released, spend the extra $100-150 for a inexpensive RAID card and get 2-3x the better better performance that matches this high end software where.

Testing of the BETA Version

Results from the Release Candidate

SNAG-0303  SNAG-0304SNAG-0316  SNAG-0323SNAG-0305  SNAG-0306

SNAG-0307  SNAG-0308SNAG-0308


RAID 5 Comparison Benchmarks

SNAG-0018   SNAG-0019