Being a avid podcast and music listener, playing content in my car is extremely important to me.  Since I spend close to 2-2.5 hours a day commuting on the Southern California freeways,  listening to the content I want is a priority.  Considering I cannot stomach mainstream radio, I rely totally on my phone for podcasts, streaming, and music.  Since my car is now four years old, my Lexus SUV was only equipped with an aux jack.  Bluetooth integration is there but not for stereo devices and does not support receiving of a Bluetooth stream.  You can attach your phone but only for phone calls.  For awhile now I have been using an adapter to connect my iPhone to the auxiliary jack and I have been happy with that until I got my new phone.  A friend told me about this device and the experience he had with it so I decided to give it a try.



As you can see from the pictures, the device itself is very small.  It will easily tuck away under your dash, center console, or behind your home audio if you hook to a home stereo.  The hook is easy, mini USB, and a 3.5mm output jack.  You will have to have some form of a USB charger either for the wall (home use) or cigarette lighter for the car.


Mini jack RX1_2  Mini jack RX2

Mini jack RX3  Mini jack RX4



I have been super pleased with this device and the performance.  It is very fast at hooking up and plays extremely well with other Bluetooth devices that you may have hooked up.  As my car has a decent sound system in it, sound quality is very important and this device delivers on that.  I have yet to hear static, hissing, or interruption typical of Bluetooth devices.  Overall this is a great deice for about $35 and if you are like me and do not like to plug and unplug your device all day long or you are looking for an easy way to attach your phone, give this a look.


For more information or to order: Miccus Mini-jack RX: Bluetooth Music Receiver pair it with Phones, Tablets, PCs and Apple Devices