As I have received various requests to outline the equipment I use on a daily basis, below is a quick overview of my office and equipment.  As this is constantly changing, and I tend to add or replace things fairly quickly, this a snapshot of my current setup.  Long ago I changed from local storage per PC to a central storage concept using NAS/Server units.  I have put more money and effort into improving the speed of my home network and the performance of my NAS storage to accommodate multi-users, including directly editing videos from my NAS units over a 10Gbe network.  In addition to simplifying things, centralization offers me a much easier way to backup data and keep things secure.  As always feel free to post questions here or on my YouTube channel should you have any questions.




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Basic Equipment List

Asus Hero X:

Intel Core I7-8700K:

Samsung 970 Pro:

Asus GTX 1060 ROG Strix:

NZXT H700i:

Elgato Stream Deck:

AverMedia U3 Capture:

Qnap 10Gbe NIC card:

10Gtek 10Gbe NIC card (Intel Compatible):

Qnap 12 Port unmanaged 10Gbe switch:

Qnap TVS-951x NAS:

Qnap TS-453B NAS:

WD RED Drives – 6T:

WD RED Drives – 8T: