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Sonos-Whole Home Streaming

I have always been intrigued by Sonos for a couple of reasons.  One was the claims of perfectly synced audio in every room, and the other was the prospect of good sound quality from a wireless device.  Being a bit picky with audio quality I was certainly skeptical, especially with the new small stand alone […]

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Onkyo TX-NR626

For a long time I have been an Onkyo fan.  Mainly because there are few MFGs out there that pack as many features in a unit for a given price range.  I did a short review on my last Onkyo, the NR-TX616, which I have been extremely happy with.  As luck would have it, it […]

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Ark 2U Rack Mount Case

As I referred to in my article on my home rack server project, I bought a 2U case to house my VM server.  I already had a smaller rack mount case, however it would only accept a mini-ITX board and I needed the case to support a MicroATX board.  This left me searching for something […]

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Server Rack Project

So why a server rack in the home?  For me the answer was two fold.  The first and most important reason was consolidation.  Though I have not converted all my systems to rack mounted cases yet, I wanted to all the equipment I did have to fit into one nice tidy package.  The second reason […]

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Automatic-Smart Driving Assistant

Every once in awhile you run into a product that is just plain cool and very functional.  For me this product is the Automatic – Driving Assistant.  It comes with a device that you plug into the OBD port in your car and an app that communicates with the device via Bluetooth 4.0 (IOS, Android). […]

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